Find Instructors, DJs, Photographers and More.

Here are some information and links to find some of the main movers and shakers West Coast Swing in the UK and beyond.

We are building a West Coast Swing directory. So far we have:

Event Organisers

WCS Pros



Event Organisers
Event organisers are the lifeblood of the West Coast Swing community. Without these beautiful people what we do with ourselves? Collect stamps… I don’t think so. Here is a list of some of the orginisations and people puting on events around the UK.
West Coast Swing Professionals
Traveling the world and colecting trophies may sound glamerous but these dedicated few have put many thousands of hours into perfecting their craft. Find and follow your favourite West Coast Swing professional here.
Did a DJ save your life? Probably not but they can make or break a night. Gauging the crowd and knowing just the correct time to never play Dexys Midnight Runners!
WCS Photographers
Snap happy and shooting more action than Jason Statham. When the memories have faded the images live forever. Here are some of the people making that happen.

Grab Your Dance Shoes!

So get searching and get down to a West Coast Swing event near you.

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