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WCS_3 Spotlight
WCS_3 Spotlight
WCS_3 Spotlight
WCS_3 Spotlight

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Are you one of the beautiful people in the WCS community that can always be found at dance events, classes or weekenders? Are you a blogger, budding writer or critic. We are looking for Spotlight contributors to report back to the rest of us and share your experiences. So get typing and give credit where credit is due to those wonderful event organisers.

Talking of event organisers, if you have hosted an event or are planning an event we would aloso love to have you contribute. Let people know what you have done or what you have in the pipeline.

We will let the audience know the diference between an impartial review and an event organisers event advertisement but we will not allow too much negativity, if you have a criticism, then it must be constructive and we will not allow anything negative to be said about an individual here at WCS Club.

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So get searching and get down to a West Coast Swing event near you.

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