Are You a Promoter or Event Organiser

If you want to contribute to WCS Club or list information on the site here is what you need to know.

Our mission is to create a comprehensive list of all West Coast Swing people and events, allowing dancers to openly search and hopefully never miss the opportunity for a night out dancing. 

The WCS Club website has been developed to be as automated as possible whilst still having the event information as up to date as we can get it. In that regard, we are using Facebook events as our primary source of information. If you are a promoter or event organiser and you want your events to be listed on WCS Club please carefully read the information below before you contact us.


Facebook Page

Get a Facebook page to organise your events, for example ( A Facebook page is free, plays nicely with our system and will allow us to automatically grab your events and publish them here. It is simple to set up and you can create a community, organisation, product, Public Figure or entertainment page. Once we start bringing in your events from your Facebook Page, users will be able to filter by the organiser and see all your events in one place. Here is a nice example of a Facebook Page.


Facebook Group

We can no longer fetch your event details from Facebook groups for example ( In the West Coast Swing community events are often shared and advertised through both private and public groups. Due to changes in Facebooks privacy settings, we can no longer automatically grab new events when you create an event for the group. You can still use your group of lovely folowers just create your event on your new Facebook Page and share it to your group. Here is an example of a Facebook Group.


Facebook Individual

If you are creating events from your standard Facebook individual profile then, unfortunately, we will not be able to post your events due to Facebooks privacy settings. You can, however, create a Facebook page and list your event on your shiny new Facebook page.

Promoters and Event Organisers FAQs

Please have a look at the answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked. Click on the question to expand the answer.

How can I list my event or get my profile on Swing Things or contribute to the Spotlight?

You can contact us using the form below once you have read the instructions on our best practices for Facebook events above. Please include all relevant information and URL’s for your Facebook page.

Why is my event is not appearing in map view?
Map View is the default view for all users looking at the events section. This section uses the location data gained from your Facebook event. When creating the event make sure you use the autocomplete location details to get your event location. The map view is limited to only events with an assigned venue and if an event does not have a venue with a valid address, then it will not be included in the list of upcoming events, even though it might indeed be an upcoming event in other views, such as List or Month View. Once you have updated your event it can take some time for the change to filter through to us. Contact us if your event is within 2 weeks and we will force an update for you.
Can I convert a Facebook Group into a Facebook Page?
If you’re looking for an easy way to convert a Facebook group to a page you should know that Facebook does not offer an automatic way to achieve this. However, with a bit of planning, you should be able to make the transition painlessly and bring your most active members with you. If you have a large group, you should expect to lose some people in the transition. To make the changeover, you need administrative access to the group, and if you are not the group creator, you need the creator to leave the group voluntarily.

Creating a Page

Log in to Facebook in a new Web browser window and navigate to the Facebook Create a Page screen. Select one of the six category groups that best describes you and then select a category from the drop-down menu.

Add a description of your page and at least one photo to get the page started. Unless they know you well, group members are not likely to click the “Like” button on a page that has no content.

Click the Build Audience button at the top of the new page Admin Panel. In addition to anyone else, you will invite to like your page, invite any friends who are in your group and include a personal message. Explain in the message that you are closing the group and changing over to the new page.

Transition Period

Set a date for closing down the Facebook group. Remember that not everyone logs into Facebook every day. Setting the date for two weeks in the future should give most people enough time to make the transition with you.

Navigate to the group page and announce the closing date. Copy the URL for your new page and post it in the same message. Navigate to the new business page and post a message on the wall inviting everyone from the group to click the “Like” button.

Monitor the group on a daily basis. If anyone posts a message to the group, add a comment to the bottom of that message explaining the group is closed. Invite them to post the message again on the new business page.

Add a new message on the group wall every couple of days with a countdown to the close date and a link to the new page. New messages are more likely to be noticed in members’ timelines if they don’t log in to Facebook daily. For example, “Only one week left before we close down this group. Please join us at the new page!” should get the message across to most members if they are monitoring group activities.

Closing the Group

Navigate to your group page and add a final message that the group is now closed. Include a link to the new page.

Lock down the group to prevent anyone from posting messages. You can do this by clicking the “Gear” icon in the upper-right corner of the group page. Select “Edit” group and then select the “Only Administrators Can Post to the Group” option at the bottom of the page. Click “Save.”

Delete the group at any time by removing all members. To remove all members, click the “About” tab at the top of the group page. Click the “X” beside each name. After everyone else has been removed, click the “X” beside your own name to leave the group. Facebook automatically deletes the empty group.

Don't want to get rid of your Facebook group but still want your event listed?

So we get it, you have spent a long time building your group and you don’t want to move to a page. You can still create a Facebook page for your West Coast Swing events. Once you have your new page simply use this to create events and share the event with the group as normal. Remember to give us the URL of the group so we can advertise your events.

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